We are a trusted partner helping organizations to thrive in their digital transformations. Cloud consulting and system integration, IT strategy consulting, and software development needs.

Microsoft Azure cloud Amazon AWS

Our team of experts brings real-world experience, best practices and architectural/operational patterns that help make your cloud initiatives a success..



We are the multicloud solutions experts. Our technical acumen with the world’s leading technologies and multicloud environments - across your applications, data and security - enables you to grow your business, increase efficiency and deliver the future.

Enable cloud adoption and transformation across leading cloud platforms
We do cloud applications, not cloud hosting!

Key Features

Blue Labs has 30+ years of experience in cloud infrastructure, applications, data, and security.
Trusted by 46,000+ customers

Cloud Consulting

We provide cloud consulting for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS.

We architect our Apps for 100% Uptime

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Verizon.
We guarantee 99.99% SLA Terms & Conditions apply.

Virtual networking

vNets, Subnets, NSG, ASG, WAF, DDoS, Load Balancers.

Cloud Security

Data security, Identity and access management (IAM).
Policies on threat prevention, detection, and mitigation.

Serverless Apps

Automatically provisions, scales, and manages
The infrastructure required to run the code.

Database development

Database planning, development, management,
Optimization, backup solutions.

Business intelligence

Big data transform any raw data to useful information
for business analysis.

Technical Support

We offer email support anytime you need it.


Azure Migrate Cloud migration Managed Identities Managed Identities Azure Active Directory Azure Active Directory Azure AD B2C Azure AD B2C Blueprints Blueprints Compliance Compliance Azure VMs Azure VMs Azure App service Azure App services Container Instances Container Instances Kubernetes Services Kubernetes Services Container Registries Container Registries Azure Functions Azure Functions App Service Certificates App Service Certificates Azure Virtual Networks Azure Virtual Networks Azure Firewalls Azure Firewalls Web Application Firewall Policies(WAF) Web App Firewall Policies(WAF) Azure Firewall Manager Azure Firewall Manager Azure Network-Watcher Azure Network-Watcher Network Security Groups Network Security Groups Azure Application Gateways Azure Application Gateways Azure Traffic Manage Azure Traffic Manager Azure Front Doors Azure Front Doors Azure Local Network Gateways Azure Local Network Gateways Azure Load Balancers Azure Load Balancers Azure DNS Zones Azure DNS Zones Azure Private Link Azure Private Link Azure CDN Azure CDN Azure Storage Azure Storage Azure Table Storage Azure Table Storage Azure CosmosDB Azure CosmosDB Azure SQL Server Azure SQL Server Azure SQL Elastic Pools SQL Elastic Pools Cache Redis Cache Redis Azure SQL VMs Azure SQL VMs Azure PostgreSQL Server Azure PostgreSQL Server Azure MySQL Server Azure MySQL Server Azure MariaDB Server Azure MariaDB Server Database Migration Services Database Migration Services Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics Azure Synapse Analytics Azure Event Grid Azure Event Grid Azure Conditional Access Azure Conditional Access Azure Extended Security Azure Extended Security Azure Application Security Groups Azure Application Security Groups Azure Security Center Azure Security Center Azure Defender Azure Defender Azure Key Vaults Azure Key Vaults Azure Sentinel Azure Sentinel Log Analytics Workspaces Log Analytics Workspaces Application Insights Application Insights Azure DevOps Azure DevOps


Azure Migrate Cloud migration Management Governance Management Governance AWS IAM AWS IAM AWS Cognito AWS Cognito AWS EC2 AWS EC2 Azure App service Azure App services AWS Fargate AWS Fargate Amazon EKS Amazon EKS AWS Lambda AWS Lambda AWS VPC AWS VPC AWS Network Firewall AWS Network Firewall AWS WAF AWS WAF AWS Key Management Service AWS Key Management Service AWS-Shield AWS-Shield AWS Site-to-Site AWS Site-to-Site Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing AWS Route 53 AWS Route 53 AWS CloudFront AWS CloudFront AWS S3 AWS S3 AWS Elastic-File-System AWS Elastic-File-System AWS DocumentDB AWS DocumentDB AWS DynamoDB AWS DynamoDB AWS RDS AWS RDS AWS ElastiCache AWS ElastiCache AWS Aurora AWS Aurora AWS Neptune AWS Neptune AWS Database Migration Service AWS Database Migration Service AWS Simple Notification Service AWS Simple Notification Service AWS Simple Queue Service AWS Simple Queue Service AWS Managed Workflows AWS Managed Workflows AWS Step Functions AWS Step Functions AAWS EventBridge AWS EventBridge AAWS API-Gateway AWS API-Gateway AWS Kinesis AWS Kinesis AWS Redshift AWS Redshift AWS CloudSearch AWS CloudSearch AWS Athena AWS Athena AWS Server Migration Service AWS Server Migration Service AWS Secrets Manager AWS Secrets Manager AWS Cost management AWS Cost management AWS CloudShell AWS CloudShell AWS CodePipeline AWS CodePipeline AWS X-Ray AWS X-Ray

Website / App Development

Programming languages: C#, .Net Core, Node JS,JavaScript, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, Python, PHP, REST API

Database programming: MS SQL, NoSQL,Oracle, mySQL, Redis, MemCache and more

Microservices, Kuberneties, Serverless computing, DevOps CI/CD and more.